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    Press Quotes

    “Othello” - English Theatre of Hamburg

    “World class theatre in a small room. Bravo!”

    Hamburger Morgenpost

    “There is magic in the web of this production.”


    “This "Othello" is special.”


    “Wow - what a play!... The play enchanted the audience from the first to last minute”

    Die Auswartige Presse e.V.

    “Captivates the audience and is rewarded with roaring applause.”

    Hamburger Abendblatt

    “The English Theatre takes a risk. And wins!”

    Hamburger Wochenblatt

    “The Sea Voyage”

    “.... an intelligent, funny and provocative reading .... the production found many wonderful complexities and connections.... The company judged tone expertly throughout, treading the balance between humour and horror and ensuring the stakes remained clear.... I was delighted to see so complete a production of this undeservedly overlooked play, and the quality of performances and depth of individuation of characters did a huge amount to pull out the three main conflicting forces of the text.”

    Peter Kirwan - “The Bardathon”

    “The Unnatural Tragedy”

    “This production represents the first time that The Unnatural Tragedy has been heard since group readings aloud were organized in the aristocratic drawing rooms of seventeenth-century England and the Low Countries. Be that as it may, the Ovalhouse performance made good use of modern dress to bring out the sort of social satire that certainly was intended by Margaret Cavendish.... Watts had a good deal of fun putting together much of the production, even giving a comic edge to some of the more serious relationships.”

    James Fitzmaurice - “Early Modern Literary Studies”

    “.... watching the sheer diversity of female experience, and the variety of life trajectories that Cavendish juxtaposes in her play, I found the experience exhilarating.”

    Elizabeth Schafer - “Early Theatre”

    “Henry 4th Part One”

    “Fascinating theatre... As always, Watts displays intelligence and creativity in his handling of this popular history.”

    “The Comedy of Errors”

    “Die Welt” understood Graham's directing style exactly, calling the production “Complex and simple at the same time,” while “Hamburger Wochenblatt” thought it was a “magnificant production... Director Graham Watts has dusted off and directed in a lively, modern way.” Other reviews commented that it was “pure joy,” “engages the audience wonderfully,” “the actors sparkle with the joy of playing,” “hilarious chaos,” “full of playful imagination,” and “a truly remarkable staging.”


    “... the play leaves you buzzing, with a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach. It is one of the funniest plays I have ever seen... A fabulous script can fall to pieces if it isn't well directed, choreographed and acted. Bouncers delivers on each of these scores... The quality and humour of the work combined with such energetic and absorbing interpretations from four excellent actors made this show very memorable... I went to see Bouncers twice and I would go and see it again.”


    “Measure for Measure”

    “Brilliant theatre... I'm sure there might be better ways to spend a summer evening than watching this production, but for the life of me, I don't know what they would be”



    “A fast paced production with non-stop intensity....Spell binding....The audience were completely silent; stunned.”


    “In Flame”

    “The hurdles that having a double setting can present were expertly conquered by director Graham Watts’ clever direction…… superb direction, clear, un-muddled design, and the huge talent of this cast make “In Flame” an unmissable piece of theatre, igniting the Pleasance stage”.


    “Antony & Cleopatra”

    “This production underscores Watts’ gifts as a director: the ability to provoke thought while mounting an emotionally complex and nimbly conceived production... This richly conceived production didn’t disappoint. It is a spectacle for the eye and a goad for thought” 


    “Henry V”

    “An unblinking examination of war...Watts is a wonderfully skilled director...a joy to watch...moving...an evocative score...It is simply great theatre”


    “Much Ado About Nothing”

    “(Graham Watts)...deftly gathers up this plays plots and subplots and braids together a delightful production...this marvellous production....well worth seeing. And seeing all over again”


    “The Winter’s Tale”

    “a first rate performance, courtesy of a superb cast and outstanding direction from Graham Watts”.


    “Julius Caesar”

    "....theatrical ingenuity, a breathtaking modernized spin on the Shakespearean classic...near perfect...a thought provoking masterpiece”.


    “Love’s Labor’s Lost”

    “....a rollicking good time.....Watts has put in more delicious surprises than a trip through a carnival funhouse..”

    “This is how Shakespeare should be performed .....Watts has a unique sense of humour which Shakespeare would have loved”.


    “Romeo & Juliet”

    “It is the first time I have appreciated Shakespeare with such clarity.... The purity of emotion brought me to tears....It will remain with me for a long time”

    “Over the years I have seen a lot of boring Shakespeare and only two which have changed my entire perception of a play. This production is another”

    “A wonderfully fresh, lively, clear production that was, in turn, funny and moving and always highly entertaining...The concept was inspired....ranks with the very best”


    “Measure For Measure”

    “A fast paced and highly successful evening...nothing short of stunning from start to finish”


    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

    “An unexpectedly clear and lively realization of a complex text”

    “Director Graham Watts has worked wonders with “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” making it a huge success with modern audiences”

    “What a treat is in store for audiences when it tours over the next 6 months”


    “The Country Wife”

    “I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much...a production many regional theatres would envy”


    “A Woman is a Weathercock”

    “Graham Watts plucks this 17th century gem from undeserved obscurity and gives it bouncing new life”



    “Genuinely relates all the unseemly horrors of the world of the undead in sensually graphic, white-knuckled detail...Truly outstanding”

    “The direction must come in for some fulsome praise...superb in it’s simplicity..I wouldn’t have missed it for the world”

    “From the very first scene you could tell it was going to be something special”

    “A visual delight....real imagination has gone into staging the play and director Graham Watts did wonders by making the most of the space and the light”


    “Moll Flanders”

    “A cracking show....A rare theatrical treat”

    “A gloriously satisfying production...outstandingly entertaining”


    “Dangerous Obsession”

    “This superb thriller, as directed by Graham Watts, had the audience on the edge of their seats...A real winner”

    “At times the whole first night audience was holding it’s breath...Graham Watts’ production has the sophisticated style that is the result of care and imagination”

    “An Inspector Calls”

    “One of the finest productions seen at the Palace”



    “Funny? Take the word of one who hardly ever manages more than a thin-lipped smile, it is side-splitting”

    “Wildly funny...It made you think, it made you laugh. ....undoubtedly one of the theatrical highlights of the year”


    “Up ‘N Under”

    “Totally hysterical...not to be missed”

    “A winner all the way!...(it) will uplift you and have you rolling in the aisles”

    “Graham Watts production is a good deal sparkier, brisker, and sharper, than others I can remember...a hugely enjoyable evening”


    “Shirley Valentine”

    “Graham Watts has brilliantly directed with warmth and humour”

    “Nothing short of brilliant...Graham Watts’ superb direction”



    “Crisply paced and skillfully directed”


    “On The Piste”

    “There have been several presentations of this play. None, I suspect, were better than this one”


    “The Soprano’s Last Supper”

    “There's no better way to enjoy an office party or a night out with friends...Don't miss it”.

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    Standing ovation for
    "Much Ado." On tour in Alaska, 2005


    Brutus addresses the people. "Julius Caesar"

    The set for Much Ado. On tour in Alaska, 2005

    Plebeians in "Julius Caesar" Fairbanks, Alaska, 2003

    Click to Enlarge
    Set for "Julius Caesar" Fairbanks, Alaska, 2003

    Click to Enlarge
    NYC “Much Ado” previewing in Fairbanks

    Click to Enlarge
    Graham and Katie Jenson rehearsing for "The Winter's Tale" in Fairbanks Alaska, 2004


    Click to Enlarge
    The Winter's Tale rehearsals, Fairbanks, Alaska, 2004

    "Deadly Nightcap" in Vienna, Austria

    A still from the shoot of Graham's short film,
    "To the Manor Drawn "

    Henry V

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