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Graham is currently available for projects of any kind throughout 2023/2024.

His production of “Murder Trial Tonight” played to huge sell-out audiences throughout the UK & Ireland in 2023, culminating at the Adelphi Theatre in London. “Murder Trial Tonight 2” is scheduled for 2024.

Graham is represented by Richard Ireson at The Narrow Road Company All work enquiries should be directed to Richard on +44 (0)207 831 4450 or

Graham's book "Shakespeare's Authentic Performance Texts" has been published by McFarland and is available at all book outlets including UK and US Amazon

The latest major production Graham directed was the World Premiere of “Garry” by Sophie Treadwell (1954) which received a ‘Standing Ovation Award’ nomination and a 4 Star review from Michael Billington in “The Guardian” (See Press Quotes)

In July 2018 Graham directed the first ever production of Margaret Cavendish's "The Unnatural Tragedy" (1662) for which he has been nominated for Best Director in the Off-West End Theatre Awards (See Press Quotes page for reviews).


Work in 2016 / 2017 has included "Othello" at the English Theatre of Hamburg, Germany, (see photos) and a tour of "Romeo & Juliet" for East 15 Acting School. Reviews of "Othello" can be read here. Other recent productions include Fletcher / Massinger's "The Sea Voyage" - the first public production in 350 years (see photos). Reviews can be read here. This followed his staging of Beaumont & Fletcher's "Love's Cure" towards the end of 2013 - the first production of this play in 400 years (see photos) Other work in 2014 included two trips to India and one to Hong Kong for Trinity College London. He also directed two radio plays for Frequency Theatre: "In the Shadow of the Bulldozer" and "Depravity"; the latter play he also wrote.

Shakespeare's Authentic Performance Texts

Graham spent the last part of 2012 and the first part of 2013 working for Trinity College London in Australia, Singapore, Malta, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. He still found time to direct a staged reading of "Macbeth II" for Guildford Shakespeare Company and had three of his radio plays broadcast. "The Man Who Tended Dahlias" (which Graham also directed), "A Disappearance in an Essex Churchyard, 1828", "The End", and "Soyuz 40," (written by Kenneth Emson but directed by Graham) can be heard free under "Podcasts" at


In the summer of 2012 Graham directed “Henry 4th Part One” in Alaska, USA. The review commented:

“Fascinating theatre... As always, Watts displays intelligence and creativity in his handling of this popular history.”

This followed his critically acclaimed production of “The Comedy of Errors” at the English Theatre of Hamburg which was awarded 5 stars by the “Morgenpost.” (See Photos).


You can see a trailer for the play on the English Theatre of Hamburg's YouTube site here...

“Die Welt” understood Graham's directing style exactly, calling the production “Complex and simple at the same time,” while “Hamburger Wochenblatt” thought it was a “magnificant production... Director Graham Watts has dusted off and directed in a lively, modern way.” Other reviews commented that it was “pure joy,” “engages the audience wonderfully,” “the actors sparkle with the joy of playing,” “hilarious chaos,” “full of playful imagination,” and “a truly remarkable staging.”


For much of 2011 and part of 2012 Graham was busy writing his book "Shakespeare's Authentic Performance Texts" which has been published by McFarland.


Early in 2011 Graham directed “Bouncers” at the Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, which enjoyed an extended run. The following review gives a flavour of the show:
“... the play leaves you buzzing, with a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach. It is one of the funniest plays I have ever seen... A fabulous script can fall to pieces if it isn't well directed, choreographed and acted. Bouncers delivers on each of these scores... The quality and humour of the work combined with such energetic and absorbing interpretations from four excellent actors made this show very memorable... I went to see Bouncers twice and I would go and see it again.”


The end of 2011 found Graham in Mumbai, India, working for Trinity College London.


In 2010 Graham directed “Measure for Measure” in Alaska, USA (see photos). The review commented:
“Brilliant theatre... I'm sure there might be better ways to spend a summer evening than watching this production, but for the life of me, I don't know what they would be”

Prior to this he was in Canada and New Zealand working for Trinity College London and also directed Phyllis Nagy's “The Strip” at the Oval House Theatre, London.


In 2009 Graham directed the World Premiere of Jemmy Gantley's “AbUSed Together” in Dublin, “Macbeth” in London, “King Lear” in Alfred, New York State, USA (see photos), and “Othello” in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (see photos). The review for “Othello” called it:

“A fast paced production with non-stop intensity....Spell binding....The audience were completely silent; stunned.”


In 2008 Graham directed, among others,  Peter Shaffer's “The Private Ear” for an extensive tour of Germany, the World Premiere of Derek Williams' “Fortune Favours” at the Kings Head Theatre in London, and  “In Flame” by Charlotte Jones which played at the Pleasance Theatre in London (see photos). The review commented:

“The hurdles that having a double setting can present were expertly conquered by director Graham Watts’ clever direction…. superb direction, clear, un-muddled design, and the huge talent of this cast make “In Flame” an unmissable piece of theatre, igniting the Pleasance stage”


Other recent work includes Ariel Dorfman's “Widows” in Manchester, Fin Kennedy's “B Minor” in London, Sara Pascoe's “Don't Cry Doctor Mitchell” at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre, London, and a UK tour of “Richard III”.


Before this he opened “Antony & Cleopatra” in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. The review commented:

“This production underscores Watts’ gifts as a director: the ability to provoke thought while mounting an emotionally complex and nimbly conceived production... This richly conceived production ... is a spectacle for the eye and a goad for thought” 

(see photos)


Prior to leaving for Alaska, Graham directed David Eldridge’s “Incomplete and Random Acts of Kindness” at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (see photos)

David Eldridge recently wrote about the production on his blog:

“Last night I was at RADA to see their production of my play 'Incomplete and Random Acts of Kindness'. I bumped in to Alan Rickman who was very sweet about Random Acts which he'd seen on Tuesday night. He said he loved the play and thought it had been done well. It has been done well: sensitively and simply directed by Graham Watts and acted with great truth and conviction by a uniformly talented cast. Drama school shows can be indifferent but RADA have done me proud.”


In 2006 Graham's production of “Henry V” opened in the USA then transferred to Brisbane, Australia, to play during the World Shakespeare Congress. (see photos)

The review commented:

“An unblinking examination of war... Watts is a wonderfully skilled director…a joy to watch... moving... an evocative score... It is simply great theatre”


To view a 40 second TV commercial of "Henry V" please click here

To hear a two-minute audio of Graham speaking about the production please click here

While in Australia Graham conducted two highly successful workshops for World Shakespeare Congress delegates.


Graham's short film "To the Manor Drawn" was shown on Propeller TV, Sky Channel 195, and at Festivals throughout the UK.


"Much Ado" in a modern dress version, 'Al Fresco', in Washington Square Park, New York City

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