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“During my 25 years at the Royal Shakespeare Company as Associate and subsequently Artistic Director I worked with many of today’s leading theatre practitioners. Graham was with the RSC from 1983 to 1988, initially as my assistant and subsequently as a director in his own right. Since then he has developed a career and reputation in the classics and new writing that places him among our leading directors”


Terry Hands, former Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company


“I hugely approve of what you are doing. I remember back in the far off past, searching for neglected plays but your focus is yet more important – the rediscovery of women writers, ignored by history. Brilliant and so necessary! I wish this project every possible success and will be cheering from afar.”


Sir Trevor Nunn, former Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company & National Theatre

“It has been our great pleasure to engage Graham Watts to direct productions for us. His last was nominated for an “Irish Times” Award – the highest theatrical honour in Ireland. He is an artist of major international importance which is why we will always engage him above our considerable local talent. His international standing is without question and the quality and imagination of his work both unique and delightful” 


Tony Byrne, owner, Tivoli Theatre, Dublin 

“I approached Graham to work at the Globe because I had seen his remarkable production of “A Woman is a Weathercock”. I took 40 US undergraduates to the play and it was generally agreed to be the best production that they had seen all semester. His staged reading at the Globe was so well received that we invited him back. His knowledge of the period is bound to commend him to theatres all around the world” 


Patrick Spottiswoode, director, Globe Education 

“I hope you realise how incomparably brilliant your production of “A Woman is a Weathercock” was. Unfortunately theatre in Boston / New York City seldom achieves such stirring excellence. Thank you!” 


Donald & Mary Sygach, American audience members. 

“It was splendid! I do congratulate you on a production that was both sensitive and strong - the poetry and the power, hand in hand. I was deeply moved and felt as though the play had just been written and this was the first performance” 


Peter Whelan, playwright, “The Accrington Pals."

“A genuine thank you for what is a very accomplished piece of work. It has some strong European imagery and some terrifically inventive sequences. It is rapidly becoming a pleasure to work with you."


John Godber, playwright, on "Dracula

“Graham Watts put together a compelling staged reading of my new play, Ring Around the Rosie, with only one read-through and a single rehearsal. No other director I know has the chops to handle a large cast playing multiple roles in a period drama with such a short rehearsal time. Graham's extensive experience in all aspects of theater make him a powerful creative force in British, American, and international theater."


Anne Hanley, Alaska State Writer Laureate, 2002-2004

“The production was spectacularly good and there have been so many supportive comments on the standard of the production and the depth of the performances. It was great to have you working with us once again and your stimulating enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by everybody. I do hope you will come back and work with us in the future"


Nicholas Barter, Principal, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 

“Thanks so much for your terrific work. I thought the first performance was impressive on many levels. Above all I was delighted by the development to the work of the actors. The whole company contributed committed, open work which was always a pleasure to watch. I hope we have the opportunity to invite you back again before very long” 


Peter Clough, director of drama, Guildhall. 

“Bravo and thanks to Graham Watts who has brought our Festival's theatre department to life!  His classes are attracting adults of all ages who are learning some basics of theatre classes and Shakespeare - and there are classes for the serious theatre folks as well.  We are pleased to welcome Graham back in 2006 for the 6th year.” 


From Jo Ryman Scott, Founder and Producing Director, Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

“The presenting workshop you did with our students was a screaming success and not only did they learn an enormous amount but it affected the dynamic of the group in a very positive way, sewing the seeds for future work."


Sam Keston, director, Redroofs Screen Acting Course. 

“I think it’s fair to say you added a unique dimension to the production of our programmes. Good luck for future ventures” 


Eamonn O’Neil, Executive Producer, Granada Television. 

“Graham Watts led an exceptional workshop with great skill and sensitivity. The students are all severely / profoundly deaf and need considerable understanding. Graham made them feel relaxed, absorbed, and confident almost immediately. He built up an exceptional level of trust and harmony and very quickly gauged the students needs and difficulties. The workshop was carefully planned and imaginatively executed. As a teacher I found the workshop stimulating and tremendously enjoyable. Graham never patronised the students or lowered his expectations of them but elicited excellent work with sensitivity and humour. We are ALL extremely grateful for this extraordinary and valuable experience” 


Terry Moriarty, Language Co-Ordinator, Ovingdon Hall School for the deaf, after a workshop for the National Theatre of Great Britain. 

“Thank you for your excellent production of “Road” with our third year students. It was a great evening in the theatre and you brought out demanding performances from the students: for most of them it was their best work to date”. 


Michael Gaunt, Principal, Birmingham School of Acting. 

“I thought I should write to let you know your production of “Romeo & Juliet” has proved most thought provoking. It has taken me back to the text and led to numerous discussions with other Shakespeare enthusiasts. You put forward a most fascinating reading. Congratulations on another fine evening at the Mercury” 


David Dougan PhD, County Arts Development Officer, Essex County Council.

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